Work Distribution Order

S.No. Name of the Section Type of Assignment Name of Officer/Official Supervisory Officer
1 Personal Section of  DC Samba Personal Section
  1. Rajinder Kumar, PA/NT
  2. Subash Chalotra, Sr. Scale Stenographer
  3. Abhishek Gupta, Jr. Scale Stenographer
  4. Varun Badyal, Jr. Assistant(Edu.)
2 Court of DC Court Cases
  1. Pankaj Khajuria, NYC
3 Court of ADC Court Cases
  1. Jagmohan Singh, OP (Reader)
  2. Rahil Kumar, JA
4 Court of ACR Court Cases
  1. Omkar Singh, OP(Reader)
  2. Sahil Gupta, JSS
AC (Rev)
5 DP Section One time Settlement of displaced persons of 1965 and 1971
  1. Anil Manhas, Computer Operator
  2. Pankaj Khajuria, NYC
6 Legal Section Legal matters and court cases of various court
  1. Tarsem Lal, HQA to DC
  2. Gias-ul-din, ARA
  3. Ashwani Verma, Patwari
  4. Tanvi Padha, JA
  5. Raman Kumar, JA
7 Judicial Section
  1. Issuance of Gun License
  2. Power of attorney
  3. Addl. Weapon
  4. Change of weapon
  5. Renewal/ Transfer of Gun Licenses.
  6. Extension of purchase period/ weapon purchase permission/ weapon entry
  7. Parole,
  8. Cr. PC,
  9. Minor Acts,
  10. PSA
  11. Permissions under Explosives Act
  12. Human Rights Enquires
  13. Implementation of orders of SPCB
  1. Jugal Kishore, Judicial Clerk
8 Food Safety Cases All matters pertaining to Food Safety Act
  1. Rahil Kumar, JA, PA to ADC
9 PRC PRC Verification of District Samba
  1. Ravi Sharma, JA
  2. Kishore Sharma, NYC
10 Election Cell All election related activities
  1. Satpaul (ENT)
  2. Munesh Kumar, Election Asst.
  3. Sahil Jamwal, Data Entry Operator
  4. Vikas Singh, Data Entry Operator
  5. Hem Raj, NYC
11 Personal Section of ADC Personal Section       Rahil Kumar, JA ADC
12 Personal Section of ACR Personal Section       Sahil Gupta, JSS ACR
13 SQ Section
  1. All revenue related matters.
  2. Revenue Meetings
  3. Roshni Cases
  4. Dependant Certificate
  5. Legal Heir Certificate
  6. Monthly Statement
  7. Property certificate
  8. Tour diaries
  9. Permission under Bovine Act.
  10. AIIMS
  11. Brick Kilns
  1. Jagdish Raj, GQ
  2. Omkar Singh, OP
  3. Sandeep Lasotra, JA
14 RTI and Appeal
  1. RTI
  2. 1st Appellate Authority
  3. 2nd Appellate Authority
  1. Subash Chalotra, Sr, Scale Stenographer
  2. Jugal Kishore, JC
15 Saddar Mohasib Section
  1. Recoveries under the land Revenue Act.
  2. DCB
  3. Lambardari cases
  4. Stamp Vendor
  1. Mohinder Manhas, JA
  2. Jagmohan Singh, OP
16  Land Acquisition
  1.  NHIA
  2.  Border Fencing
  3.  BOPs
  4.  Gas Pipeline
  5.  Power Grid
  6.  Local Bodies
  7.  Paramilitary Forces (New Cases)
  1. Ganesh Paul Salmotra, GQ
  2. Mohinder Manhas, JA
  3. Jagmohan Singh, OP
17 Land Acquisition ADC
  1. PMGSY
  2. Industry
  3. BRO and other, if any
  1. Ganesh Paul Salmotra, GQ
  2. Mohinder Manhas, JA
  3. Jagmohan Singh, OP
18 Establishment Section
  1. AC. 2053/2029 – 2506
  2. Budget
  3. Maintenance of service books of office staff
  4. Maintenance of service books
  5.  Personal files
  6.  Leave/ attendance
  7.  APRs
  8.  Leave Salary
  9.  DPC
  10. All service matters
  1. Monika Lahotra, AO DC Office, Samba
  2. Prem Chand Sharma, SO
  3. Ravi Sharma, JA(Estt.)
  4. Rajesh Kumar, JA(Nazir)
  5. Kishore Sharma, NYC
19 Store/Stock/Section
  1. Stores
  2. Purchase
  1. Monika Lahotra, AO DC Office, Samba
  2. Prem Chand Sharma, SO
  3. Rakesh Kumar, Accountant
  4. Babu Ram, JA
20 General Section
  1.  Appointment under SRO-43
  2.  Ban on Polythene
  3.  Enforcement related to PCB
  4.  RTO related matters
  5.  Census
  6.  Audit and inspection
  7.  Construction of Bunkers
  8. Maintenance of Cash Book of DC (Manoj Raina)
  1. Prem Chand Sharma, SO
  2. Manoj Raina, JA
21 Relief Section
  2. Red Cross
  3. Ex-gratia relief cases
  4. Border Relief
  5. Border firing
  1. Nake Singh H.A.
  2. Harbans Lal, SA
  3. Manoj Raina, JA
  4. Joginder (Teacher)
22 RAIP Section
  1. RAIP Act.
    1. Rental Compensation
    2. Regularization of unauthorized occupation of armed forces.
    3. Land Hiring cases
  1. Army Cases
  2. BRO Cases
  1. Rita Sharma
  2. Rohit Sharma, Orderly
23 Misc. Section
  1. News papers and printing presses, publication and information regulations
  2. Small Saving schemes
  3. Maintenance of DC, Office complex
  4. Civil defence
  5. Prince control and enforcement issues
  6. Rashtriya Swasth Bima Yojana & J&K Medical Aid
  7. Post Office Renewal
  8. Permission of all Festivals
  9. All correspondence related
  10. Republic and Independence Day
  11. Haj and Aquaf
  1. Rohit Dubey, JA
24 Verification Section
  1. Service Verification
  2. Defence Personnel Verification
  3. General verification
  4. Verification of Character Antecedents
  5. Issuance of Non Political Involvement Certificate


  1. Ravi Sharma, JA
  2. Kishore Sharma, NYC
25 Single Window/ receipt and dispatch All correspondences
  1. Babu Ram, JA
  2. Esha Devi, Orderly
26  DVO Section Enquiries/Complaints/Verification/RDA
  1. HQ Assistant  to D.C
  2. Gias-ul-din ARA
  3. Tanvi Padha, JA
27 Hon’ble Lt. Governor Grievance Cell
  1. Hon’ble Lt. Governor’s Grievances/Online and offline Govt. grievances
  2. PSGA
  3. All Development related matters
  4. Adhaar, GST
  5. Daily attendance, Monday Report
  1. HQ Assistant  to D.C
  2. Raman Kumar, JA
  3. Arun Kumar, NYC
28 Verification of seasonal nomadic migratory families  Verification of seasonal nomadic migratory families
  1. HQ Assistant  to D.C
  2. Raman Kumar, JA
  1. All the officials of the section will sit in single room/compartment.
  2. Above work allocation has been made for better utilisation of human resources available in various wings of Deputy Commissioner office for efficient working and better output.
  3. All officials shall immediately hand over and take over all the files from the current incumbent.  A detailed list of files and record must be prepared during taking over the charge.
  4. No unauthorised person other than officer/official whose names finds mention in the aforementioned work distribution shall be found dealing/handling the office work pertaining to the concerned sections.
  5. All files/cases must be received in the receipt section and all the sections shall route each file in hierarchy mentioned in the work distribution.