• As per 2011 Census, the total population is 3.16 lakh, which includes 1.66 lakh male population and 1.50 lakh female population in the District.
  • The sex ratio is 886(10th lowest in J&K).
  • The urban population is of 0.54 lakh and the rural population figures at 2.25 lakh souls i.e. 83.07% of the population of the District.
  • The density of the population is 353 per sq km(7th highest).The literacy rate of the district is 82.48%.
  • The schedule castes represent 28.84% of the population while schedule tribes i.e. Gujjar and Bakerwals represent about 5.64% only of the total population of the District.
  • The main stay of the population of the districts is agriculture and service in defence.