Religious Places of District Samba

Purmandal is a religious place situated at a distance of thirty nine kms from Jammu and also connected with Samba via Purmandal-Utterbehani –Vijaypur road. Purmandal is known as “Chotta Kashi”, having old Shiva temples which has significant religious importance and surrounded by the Shivalik Hills that possess a natural beauty.
Utterbehni is another religious place situated on the bank of legendary Devika and is having centuries old temples located at a distance of five kms from Purmandal.
Baba Sidh Goria Shrine
A very popular shrine where people in lakhs pay obeisance annually and is presiding deity of many clans is situated at a distance of 8 Kms from Vijaypur on National Highway.
Baba Chamlyal
A shrine on zero line of Indo-Pak border is visited by Hundreds of Thousand pilgrims from both the sides of India as well as from Pakistan and attracts world media during the annual congregation.
Chichi Mata
It is situated on National Highway only 2 Kms from Samba town and is very famous temple of the region. It attracts tourists and pilgrims throughout the year.
Baba Goran Shrine
A local deity but revered by people across the district is another famous shrine of the region situated at a distance of about 20 Kms from Samba town.
Shri Narsingh Dev Ji Temple
A centuries old temple of Lord Vishnu situated at distance of only 300 Metres from National Highway at Ghagwal attracts thousands of pilgrims during Navratras and other occasions and is a major tourist attraction of the area.


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