Administrative Units of Tehsil Ramgarh

Sno Name of Revenue village  Name of Revenue sub Division  Niabats  Patwar Halqas 
1 Ramgarh Vijaypur Ramgarh Ramgarh
2 Ramloo Rasorian Vijaypur Ramgarh Ramgarh
3 Bandral Vijaypur Ramgarh Ramgarh
4 Trindi jamora Vijaypur Ramgarh Ramgarh
5 Ramloo Brahamana Vijaypur Ramgarh Ramgarh
6 Trindi Sangara Vijaypur Ramgarh Ramgarh
7 Chak Jhanda Singh Vijaypur Ramgarh Ramgarh
8 Jar Radwan Vijaypur Ramgarh Ramgarh
9 Bajawati Vijaypur Ramgarh Khanpur
10 Barota Vijaypur Ramgarh Khanpur
11 Chack Parthyal Vijaypur Ramgarh Khanpur
12 Kajyal Kalan Vijaypur Ramgarh Khanpur
13 Kajyal Khurd Vijaypur Ramgarh Khanpur
14 Khanpur Vijaypur Ramgarh Khanpur
15 Koulpur Vijaypur Ramgarh Khanpur
16 Chack Parthyal Salarian Vijaypur Ramgarh Khanpur
17 Chak Bana Vijaypur Ramgarh Chak Salarian
18 Chak Salarian Vijaypur Ramgarh Chak Salarian
19 Jar Sarwa Vijaypur Ramgarh Chak Salarian
20 Kerian wali Vijaypur Ramgarh Chak Salarian
21 Karali Kalan Vijaypur Ramgarh Chak Salarian
22 Karali Khurd Vijaypur Ramgarh Chak Salarian
23 Makho Mera Vijaypur Ramgarh Chak Salarian
24 Sarwa Vijaypur Ramgarh Chak Salarian
25 Babral Vijaypur Ramgarh Keso Manasan
26 Keso Manhasan Vijaypur Ramgarh Keso Manasan
27 Pakhri Vijaypur Ramgarh Keso Manasan
28 Palota Vijaypur Ramgarh Keso Manasan
29 Rajwal Vijaypur Ramgarh Keso Manasan
30 Shekhu Pur Vijaypur Ramgarh Keso Manasan
31 Balar Vijaypur Ramgarh Lagwal
32 Chajwal Vijaypur Ramgarh Lagwal
33 Chak Abdulla Vijaypur Ramgarh Lagwal
34 Chak Paras Vijaypur Ramgarh Lagwal
35 Kamore Vijaypur Ramgarh Lagwal
36 Lagwal Vijaypur Ramgarh Lagwal
37 Rajpur Labana Vijaypur Ramgarh Lagwal
38 Rangoor Vijaypur Ramgarh Lagwal
39 Chhani Fatwal Vijaypur Chamaliyal Chhani Fatwal
40 Narian Pur Vijaypur Chamaliyal Chhani Fatwal
41 Chak Deoli Vijaypur Chamaliyal Chhani Fatwal
42 Chamalyal Vijaypur Chamaliyal Chhani Fatwal
43 Chak Jawahar Vijaypur Chamaliyal Chhani Fatwal
44 Abtal Vijaypur Chamaliyal Abtal
45 Bhardi Vijaypur Chamaliyal Abtal
46 Chak Bamu Vijaypur Chamaliyal Abtal
47 Chak Jasso Vijaypur Chamaliyal Abtal
48 Jagwal Vijaypur Chamaliyal Abtal
49 Rakh Abtal Vijaypur Chamaliyal Abtal
50 Shri Partap Singh Pura Vijaypur Chamaliyal Abtal
51 Samdhu Vijaypur Chamaliyal Abtal
52 Manhas Pur Vijaypur Chamaliyal Abtal
53 Chak Alia Vijaypur Chamaliyal Mahalshan
54 Chak Balotrian Vijaypur Chamaliyal Mahalshan
55 Chak Heera Vijaypur Chamaliyal Mahalshan
56 Chak Khokharan Vijaypur Chamaliyal Mahalshan
57 Chak Rakwalan Vijaypur Chamaliyal Mahalshan
58 Chak salarian Vijaypur Chamaliyal Mahalshan
59 Chak Shama Vijaypur Chamaliyal Mahalshan
60 Dhoop Sari Vijaypur Chamaliyal Mahalshan
61 Jar Abtal Vijaypur Chamaliyal Mahalshan
62 Mahal kalandrian Vijaypur Chamaliyal Mahalshan
63 Mahalshan Vijaypur Chamaliyal Mahalshan
64 Mahraj Pur Vijaypur Chamaliyal Mahalshan
65 Mandlyal Vijaypur Chamaliyal Mahalshan
66 Rajpur Jattan Vijaypur Chamaliyal Mahalshan
67 Nanga Vijaypur Chamaliyal Nanga
68 Majra Vijaypur Chamaliyal Nanga
69 Jagatpur Vijaypur Chamaliyal Nanga
70 Nathwal Vijaypur Chamaliyal Nanga
71 Dadyal Vijaypur Chamaliyal Nanga
72 Chack Bambo Vijaypur Chamaliyal Nanga
73 Chack Bakha Kani Vijaypur Chamaliyal Nanga
74 Kandral Vijaypur Chamaliyal Nanga
75 Khour Salarian Vijaypur Nandpur Chak Chhatakan
76 Chak Nazar Vijaypur Nandpur Chak Chhatakan
77 Chak Chhatakan Vijaypur Nandpur Chak Chhatakan
78 Kotli Matkalina Vijaypur Nandpur Chak Chhatakan
79 Chak Sajnoo Vijaypur Nandpur Chak Chhatakan
80 Jerda Vijaypur Nandpur Chak Chhatakan
81 Jhang Vijaypur Nandpur Swankha
82 Swankha Vijaypur Nandpur Swankha
83 Rakh Jhang Vijaypur Nandpur Swankha
84 Shri Partap Singh Pura Vijaypur Nandpur Swankha
85 Chak Gouran Vijaypur Nandpur Swankha
86 Kalah Vijaypur Nandpur Swankha
87 Radwan Kalan Vijaypur Nandpur Swankha
88 Radwan Khurd Vijaypur Nandpur Swankha
89 Raika Mahbooba Vijaypur Nandpur Gho Brahaman
90 Raika Labana Vijaypur Nandpur Gho Brahaman
91 Gho Brahamana Vijaypur Nandpur Gho Brahaman
92 Gho Rakwalan Vijaypur Nandpur Gho Brahaman
93 Gho-Manhasan Vijaypur Nandpur Gho Brahaman
94 Sahzad Pur Vijaypur Nandpur Gho Brahaman
95 Dowal Vijaypur Nandpur Gho Brahaman
96 Rari Vijaypur Nandpur Rari
97 Rara Vijaypur Nandpur Rari
98 Rakh Rara Vijaypur Nandpur Rari
99 Kamala Vijaypur Nandpur Rari
100 Najwal Vijaypur Nandpur Rari
101 Dabuj Kaka Vijaypur Nandpur Rari
102 Dabuj Sahzada Vijaypur Nandpur Rari

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