Administrative Units in Sub Division Samba

Sno Name of Revenue village  Tehsils  Niabats  Patwar Halqas 
1 Ambala Samba Samba Samba 
2 Arazi Samba Samba Samba Samba 
3 Beri Samba Samba Samba 
4 Chack Manga Rakwal Samba Samba Samba 
5 Kotera Samba Samba Samba 
6 Mandi Dansal Samba Samba Samba 
7 Mandi Dargalian Samba Samba Samba 
8 Mandi Garh Samba Samba Samba 
9 Mandi Gurgalian Samba Samba Samba 
10 Mandi Kehli Samba Samba Samba 
11 Mandi Kotli Samba Samba Samba 
12 Mandi Paswalian Samba Samba Samba 
13 Mandi Sadwalian Samba Samba Samba 
14 Nehari Samba Samba Samba 
15 Pangwal Samba Samba Samba 
16 Parel Samba Samba Samba 
17 Samba Samba Samba Samba 
18 Samlah Samba Samba Samba 
19 Mandi Thalora Samba Samba Samba 
20 Chack Girdhari Samba Samba Katli
21 Chack jangi Samba Samba Katli
22 Katli Samba Samba Katli
23 Khanwal Samba Samba Katli
24 Rehian Samba Samba Katli
25 Sargwal Samba Samba Katli
26 Abtal Katlan Samba Samba Ramnagar
27 Balouri Samba Samba Ramnagar
28 Chhani Jasso Samba Samba Ramnagar
29 Jamortan Samba Samba Ramnagar
30 Kangwala Samba Samba Ramnagar
31 Karandi Samba Samba Ramnagar
32 Rakh Amb Talli Samba Samba Ramnagar
33 Rakh Kangwala Samba Samba Ramnagar
34 Ramnagar Samba Samba Ramnagar
35 Sadoh Samba Samba Ramnagar
36 Suchet Garh Samba Samba Ramnagar
37 Badheri Samba Pangdour Badheri
38 Chack Nanak Samba Pangdour Badheri
39 Langath Samba Pangdour Badheri
40 Bela Samba Samba Pangdour Badheri
41 Bela Manohar Samba Pangdour Badheri
42 Chack Manga Gujjar Samba Pangdour Badheri
43 Mandhera Samba Pangdour Badheri
44 Manohar Gopala Samba Pangdour Badheri
45 Pangdhor Samba Pangdour Pangdhor 
46 Bain Samba Pangdour Pangdhor 
47 Galhar Samba Pangdour Pangdhor 
48 Chack Harkha Samba Pangdour Pangdhor 
49 Chack Faqiria Samba Pangdour Pangdhor 
50 Suchet Pur Samba Pangdour Pangdhor 
51 Raipur Samba Pangdour Pangdhor 
52 Kathlai Samba Pangdour Pangdhor 
53 Sordi Samba Pangdour Pangdhor 
54 Daruie Samba Pangdour Daruie
55 Mananu Samba Pangdour Daruie
56 Nandni Samba Pangdour Daruie
57 Balode Samba Pangdour Daruie
58 Sah Samba Pangdour Daruie
59 Daboh Samba Pangdour Daruie
60 Gowal choura Samba Pangdour Daruie
61 Palath Samba Pangdour Daruie
62 Jar Mananu Samba Pangdour Daruie
63 Rakh Daruie Samba Pangdour Daruie
64 Burj Sheru Samba Pangdour Harminder
65 Chack Baghwana Samba Pangdour Harminder
66 Chack Dayala Samba Pangdour Harminder
67 Chack Dewan Bheem Sain Samba Pangdour Harminder
68 Chack Koor Singh Samba Pangdour Harminder
69 Chack Katlan Samba Pangdour Harminder
70 Chack Ram Chand Samba Pangdour Harminder
71 Madhak Samba Pangdour Harminder
72 Rattan Pur Samba Pangdour Harminder
73 Badla Deonia Samba Sarna Sarna
74 Bardan Samba Sarna Sarna
75 Ghani Alna Samba Sarna Sarna
76 Khirdi Samba Sarna Sarna
77 Lovely Samba Sarna Sarna
78 Teri Samba Sarna Sarna
79 Moutlian kalan Samba Sarna Sarna
80 Nangal Samba Sarna Sarna
81 Patyari Samba Sarna Sarna
82 Rait Samba Sarna Sarna
83 Sarna Samba Sarna Sarna
84 Moutlian Khurd Samba Sarna Sarna
85 Sarain Samba Sarna Sarain
86 Gogar Samba Sarna Sarain
87 Bupnair Garh Samba Sarna Sarain
88 Dher Garh Samba Sarna Sarain
89 Tund Samba Sarna Sarain
90 Badla Brahamana Samba Sarna Sarain
91 Bathal Samba Sumb Baletar
92 Bhoran Samba Sumb Baletar
93 Baletar Samba Sumb Baletar
94 Doneian Samba Sumb Baletar
95 Patyari Samba Sumb Baletar
96 Thandyal Samba Sumb Goran
97 Beli Samba Sumb Goran
98 Budhwana Samba Sumb Goran
99 Goran Samba Sumb Goran
100 Fougal Samba Sumb Goran
101 Kauntha Samba Sumb Goran
102 Samotha Samba Sumb Goran
103 vSarla Samba Sumb Goran
104 Karad Samba Sumb Karad
105 Kanair Samba Sumb Karad
106 Reyour Samba Sumb Karad
107 Jeed Samba Sumb Karad
108 Bagoon Samba Sumb Karad
109 Peyoor Samba Sumb Karad
110 viJatah Samba Sumb Karad
111 Sodam Samba Sumb Sodam
112 Sanoor Samba Sumb Sodam
113 Khabal Samba Sumb Sodam
114 Beian Samba Sumb Sodam
115 Taloor Samba Sumb Taloor
116 Chanukri Samba Sumb Taloor
117 Markoli Samba Sumb Taloor
118 Jar jareli Samba Sumb Taloor
119 Paswal Samba Sumb Taloor
120 Chandli Samba Sumb Taloor
121 Nund Samba Sumb Taloor
122 Simbalana Samba Sumb Taloor
123 Dhalout Samba Sumb Amli
124 Dabeka Samba Sumb Amli
125 Nanetar Samba Sumb Amli
126 Palai Samba Sumb Amli
127 Kopri Samba Sumb Amli
128 Amli Samba Sumb Amli
129 Satah Samba Sumb Amli
130 Mulath Samba Sumb Amli
131 Dhorah Samba Sumb Amli
132 Dhanath Samba Sumb Amli
133 Kaloha Samba Sumb Amli
134 Need Samba Sumb Amli
135 Panthi Samba Sumb Amli
136 Bharathgarh Samba Nud Bharathgarh
137 Papad Avtara Samba Nud Bharathgarh
138 Papad Brahamana Samba Nud Bharathgarh
139 Kali Nami Samba Nud Bharathgarh
140 Kali purani Samba Nud Bharathgarh
141 Jamora Samba Nud Bharathgarh
142 Mohorgarh Samba Nud Mahorgarh
143 Kumi Samba Nud Mahorgarh
144 Talehar Samba Nud Mahorgarh
145 Rajool Samba Nud Mahorgarh
146 Paddal Samba Nud Mahorgarh
147 Kathar Brahamana Samba Nud Mahorgarh
148 Parthyal Samba Nud Mahorgarh
149 Channi Mansar Samba Nud Channi Mansar

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