Population of District Samba

As per 2001 Census, the total population is 2.86 lakh, which includes 1.51 lakh male population and 1.35 lakh female population in the District. This works out to be 2.80% of the total population of the State. The urban population is of 0.61 lakh and the rural population figures at 2.25 lakh souls i.e. 79% of the population of the District. The density of the population is 303 per sq km. The schedule castes represent 29% of the population while schedule tribes i. e. Gujjar and Bakerwals represent about 4% only of the total population of the District. The main stay of the population of the districts is agriculture and service in defence. However, as per Census 2011, the provisional population of District Samba is 3.19 lakhs, which includes 1.69 Lakh male and 1.50 lakhs female.


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